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  • Support Your Local Dealer!

    The global pandemic has had an impact across the country on small businesses. Each of our STIHL Dealers are independent business owners in your community. By purchasing a STIHL product from your local STIHL Dealer, you are supporting your community!


    Your lawn and garden is your own personal project, and the tools you use need to meet your high depends – easy to use with plenty of power. STIHL’s battery line offers you this combination!

  • STIHL Dealers

    Why should you buy a STIHL product at an authorized STIHL Dealer? They are more than just a big box store!

  • Stay looking cool!


    Shop online, or visit your local STIHL Dealer to load up on your STIHL gear!

  • MS 462 C-M

    Tough on the job, easy to carry. With STIHL chainsaws you're a match for any forest.

  • iMow

    Don't let the spring stop you from planning your lawn for summer! Visit your local iMow Dealer to get ready for summer!


    Product availability and fulfilment processes may be delayed due to COVID-19. Please contact your local STIHL dealer for availability.

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